The 'Nest Pole' Offers a Sanctuary for Birds on Power Line Poles

 - Jan 27, 2017
References: yankodesign
Urban areas leave little space for birds to comfortably nest, which is something the 'Nest Pole' power line pole looks to help rectify. Designed by Ryu Uiyoul and Kim Jihyun, the 'Nest Pole' works by incorporating a nest into the design of a power line pole and encouraging birds to nest in it. This would likely curb or eliminate the occurrence of birds nesting on wires and poles where they shouldn't, which would lead to less problems occurring for city technicians to deal with.

The 'Nest Pole' sits atop a pole and features a shallow nest area that allows birds to fill it with organic debris in order to create a comfortable nest. The power lines run overtop of the nesting area to keep the lines clear of obstructions and protect birds from harm.