- Jun 24, 2008
References: us.liveluggage & prweb
Finally, luggage that pulls itself! LiveLuggage boasts motor technology built into the wheels and an anti-gravity handle putting 85% of the weight over the wheels. For goodness sake, it even has umbrella storage (umbrella included). In addition, each piece of luggage has its own laser-etched serial number. If lost, the finder can contact LiveLuggage, who in turn, sends an email to the registered owner.

"Live Luggage has designed and manufactured a true state-of-the art travel system that includes an intelligent torque control system which powers the wheels when the handle is tilted and pressure is applied on the handle, which triggers 'force sensors' at the base and is designed to power up only when help is required," PRWeb says. "Additionally the tilt switch/sensors only power the wheels at certain angles - between slopes of 15% and 35%. If you accidentally drop the case or let go, it won't run away from you."

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