Benkatine Turbine Uses Potty Power

 - Mar 6, 2008
References: leviathanenergy & dvice
Currently we burn wood, coal, and natural gas to produce electricity. We also harness the power of falling water in hydroelectric power plants and capture the energy of rising water with wave-converting buoys. All ingenious ideas, but they're expensive and wasteful.

Wouldn't it be nice to power the world with something so common that we wouldn't even have to think about it, like breathing... or going to the bathroom? We may not be as far away from this as we think.

A new invention, the Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy, may do something extraordinary - turn poo into electricity. The conversion doesn't directly turn human fecal matter into energy. Instead, it harness the water used in flushing our toilets. Soon, everyone can be doing their part to "green" the earth.