Potholes for Poverty Repairs Roads and Inspires Community in Portland

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: potholesforpoverty.org & fastcoexist
Potholes for Poverty is an initiative of Coast Pavement Services in Portland, Oregon that aims to fix unpleasant potholes on roads in the city while inspiring community engagement for good.

The initiative is endeavoring to target the pothole problem in the west coast American city that for many reasons go unaddressed by municipal politicians. Coast Pavement Services provide the labor, equipment and materials necessary to fix the pothole of your choice, while asking for a pledge to donate money or 10 hours of service to a local charity.

The Potholes for Poverty website lets citizens eager to participate upload a picture of the pothole in question and make one's volunteer pledge online, furthering the initiative's community-strengthening elements.

Contact Information
Potholes for Poverty website
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