The Portraits d'Archives Series is Inspired by 18th-Century Paintings

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: elizabethsillard &
There is a richness about old oil paintings that completely justifies why many photographers are trying to mimic it in their own photography just like the Portraits d'Archives series. Interestingly enough, this portfolio takes a modern approach to the 18th-century paintings from which it drew its inspiration. Instead of simply recreating the entire ambiance from clothing to lighting, the Portraits d'Archives series is filled with modern characters captured in a vintage manner.

Photographed by Paola Guigou, the Portraits d'Archives photo series also features work from 3D graphic designer Elizabeth Sillard and digital editor Viviane Korkmaz. According to Sillard, the Portraits d'Archives photo series "depicts parts of our contemporary History, our ways of life and actual preoccupations."