Porticrete is Made Out of Recycled Potty Porcelain

 - Mar 16, 2012
References: seattlepi & dvice
The creation of Porticrete, a concrete mixture made with old toilets, shows that just about any product can serve another purpose after it can no longer fulfill its original one. Conceived by the mind of Freeman Anthony, a Bellingham, Washington, city worker, Porticrete is currently being used to extend pedestrian walkways. Anthony came up with the idea of Porticrete when he recalled a story about a local charity replacing 400 old toilets.

Crushed and added to the Porticrete mix, the toilets make up 20% of the overall blend. By doing this, Anthony was able to save 5 tons of porcelain from Bellingham’s landfill.

Porticrete was awarded the first World’s First Greenroad award by the University of Washington’s roadway design and construction rating system, the Greenroads Foundation.