Portals Transports Your Hand Into Google Street View

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: kickstarter & psfk
Jayne Vidheecharoen, a media student at the Art Center College of Design in California, has created this unique interactive television, called Portals, that will help you access an alternate reality. Portals consists of a television box that acts as a gateway between you and a fantasy world, such as the "virtual real-world" of Google Street View.

As the designer describes, Portals actually comprises two boxes, each with a screen on the front and a spot at the side through which you can put your hand. When you reach in, your hand will be transported to a place like Google Street View (displayed via a green screen), where you can interact with elements of the alternate universe. For example, you can pick up a tiny person or move around the streets by sliding your fingers. Further, since the boxes are connected to the Internet, you -- well, your hand -- can share the parallel world with others who are also using Portals.