The Portable Wind Solar System Harnesses the Sun and Breeze Anywhere

 - Jan 7, 2014
The Portable Wind Solar Complementary System has been designed to satisfy the off-the-grid insecurities of people when they should venture out into nature. The complex contraption would provide you with the means to harness energy from sunlight and gusts so that you can keep some of your trustiest gadgets active while camping out.

The unit collapses and closes up to become quite compact and easy to fit inside of a car trunk or a truck bed. Unfold it to reveal a tripod base that's covered in solar panels. This is broad and stable enough to support a tall aluminum alloy pole that props up a little wind turbine. Peg down the supportive ropes to keep the Portable Wind Solar System secure, and you'll be getting 90 Watts from the photovoltaics and 400W from the windmill.