The Portable Toilet Macerates Waste and Saves Space

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: neatorama & designtaxi
Japanese toilet makers TOTO created a portable toilet that can be moved around while eliminating the need for toilets that use buckets.

Created primarily for use by those who are elderly, disabled or infirm, the portable toilet can be placed where they are needed independent of the layout of the structure of the room or building since it is not fixed in place and can be carried around. The toilet is intended to give more independence to users, while lessening the need for caregivers to provide assistance.

The toilet comes with a bidet function, which helps the user clean themselves after using the toilet, but also comes installed with a thinner-than-usual pipe. After the toilet is flushed, the waste is macerated. The pipes, therefore, measure around 25mm, as compared to traditional pipes that are around 75 to 100mm. The pipes also don't have a gradient, so they can be used when dealing with a building's preset infrastructure. The portable toilet comes with a deodorizer so the toilet can remain close to the user.