The Toyota Ponam-31 is a Luxury Sports Utility Cruiser

 - Oct 17, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Toyota Ponam-31 is a sports utility cruiser that consists of a stylish cabin that sits on top of a hull that speeds along the water thanks to power provided by its twin Land Cruiser engines.

The term 'sports utility cruiser' was coined by Toyota specifically for this kind of boat. It brings together high performance and comfort, allowing it to be used for everything from leisurely sunset cruises to dawn fishing expeditions to raucous beer-fueled parties.

The boat's powertrain as well as its interior design is inspired by Toyota's cars. The boat's curves and surfaces clearly draw from land vehicles, particularly the rear deck rail which is reminiscent of a rear car spoiler.

Toyota is expected to sell around 15 Ponam-31 units a year through its network of 49 Japanese distributors. Each boat will cost around 29.7 million Yen, or $277,000.