The Polyply Stand is an Artsy Way to Store Your iToys Neatly

 - Mar 19, 2011
References: minimallyminimal & yankodesign
When viewing pictures of designer Andrew Kim’s Polyply Stand for multiple iGadgets, I couldn’t help but think, "Is it electronic art decor or a cool tabletop organizer?" Actually, it could be both. The Polyply Stand, like the Apple products it holds, is sleek in design, giving it a modern feel. Currently the Polyply Stand will allow an iPad, iPhone4, Stylus and iPod Classic to rest in cozy techno-peace.

What’s next? Frankly, if Andrew Kim’s Polyply Stand takes off, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wall-based iGadget organizer in the making.

Technically Andrew Kim should be calling it the iPoly, but never mind! The stand holds iEverything in a manner that makes it easy to charge and orient as secondary (and subsequent) displays. I love the way the keyboard can be teamed up with the iPad in the forefront and the iMac in the background.