Polymorph by Katya Usvitsky Comments on the Malleability of Women

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: katyausvitsky & coolhunting
Polymorph by Katya Usvitsky is an art exhibit centered around pantyhose. Instead of covering the gorgeous gams of girls (or guys, for that matter), these stockings have been warped and manipulated into unrecognizable sculptures. Bulging with balls of fiber-stuffed nylon, the pieces symbolize the malleability of the female form. The artist writes, "As women we are expected to take on many shapes—partners, lovers, workers, mothers."

Each bumpy piece in the series Polymorph by Katya Usvitsky were hand-roll and -stuffed, then each section was sewn off to create the resulting clusters. This results in the opposite of what pantyhose were created to do. Usvitsky observes that it is "meant to smooth and restrict, giving the skin a uniform 'nude' look without the reality of bumps and veins."