The Propagate Skyscraper Turns Pollution to Usable Building

 - Mar 28, 2014
References: & ideaconnection
Introducing the pollution-based Propagate Skyscraper, which converts air pollution into usable building material. The skyscraper builds itself upon capturing carbon gases through carbonphilic resins, and transforms them into a solid construction that creates self-propagating structures much like this one. A scaffold facilitates and initiates the pattern, while natural environmental factors like wind, weather and saturation of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere contribute to the growth and development of the structure.

At last, there is a use for something as harmful as pollution. While the planet as a whole is trying to further eliminate pollution, this is a useful initiative towards making use of pollutants, and constructing something useful. The structure creates a myriad of spatial conditions that establish new forms of social interaction, and is a necessary advancement towards making something positive out of something negative.