This Neat Series of Political Illustrations is by Ellen Weinstein

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: ellenweinstein & inspirefirst
This vibrantly colored series of political illustrations was created by artist Ellen Weinstein. These stunning statement pieces were used for various politically focused publications. They grip the viewer's attention by blending everyday objects with politics and religion.

One of these intriguing political pieces depicts a man asking a woman to marry him. The observer sees the man’s outstretched hand holding an open ring box, but upon closer observation the ring box is designed to look like city hall. This artwork makes an interesting statement about marriage, suggesting that marrying someone also means involving the government in your relationship. Another one of Weinstein’s vibrant artworks depicts a prickly green cactus that happens to be in the shape of a gun.

These clever depictions are thought provoking and brilliantly colored.