The 'ACCEM' Political Ads are Both Powerful and Informative

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: designtaxi
It can be a difficult line to walk when it comes to political ads, as people can be incredibly passionate about their beliefs of nationalistic pride. The newest advertisements from 'ACCEM' designed by 'Draftfcb' do an amazing job at raising awareness while not pushing anyone’s buttons.

The advertisements depict both the American and British flags, but with cleverly hidden flags from other countries pieced into the existing colors. The premise of the political ads on the tagline is, "integrating refugees, keeping identities." In other words, ACCEM can help with bringing in refugees to these great powers while still enabling and empowering them to be able to keep their identity. As usual, Draftfcb has done a remarkably good job with this advertisement with the perfect amount of wit and awareness.