From Joe the Plumber to Schoolgirl Sarah Palin (UPDATE)

 - Nov 28, 2008
References: herobuilders
Now that the presidential elections have come and gone, the faces made famous during the campaign have returned to their lives.

Sarah Palin is back in Alaska shooting turkeys, president-elect Barack Obama is busy--along with his speech writers--working on his inaugural speech and Joe the Plumber is getting ready to launch his singing career. I thought that the mania surrounding these individuals was over. I was dead wrong.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to these political action figures in order of appearance in the gallery.

1. Schoolgirl Sarah Palin

2. Joe the Plumber

3. Barack Obama

4. Obama and Hillary Clinton

5. Vice President-elect Joe Biden

6. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

7. President George W. Bush

8. Vice President Dick Cheney

9. Hillary Clinton

10. Former candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination John Edwards.

The madness continues below.