The Polichinelle Desk is Many-Appendaged for Multiple Needs

 - Dec 12, 2011
References: benoitpernet & wawyaa
Somehow, the Polichinelle Desk communicates a simplicity and an elaborateness simultaneously which come together to form an utterly endearing piece of furniture. However, should your taste match mine, you will discover the irony behind the name.

A translation of its title into English gives you "Punchinello," which refers to a foolish man, grotesque in appearance with a hunchback and a crooked beaky nose. But how far this writing table seems to be from that!

Benoit Pernet and Yoann Jestin designed the Polichinelle Desk with a soft pale wooden frame with a small cabinet on one side. It was given a punch of color and a more dynamic profile with the attachment of a lectern, a desk light and a storage hood. Perhaps these features fit the awkward qualities that give it its name, but with such a playful design and a clever tear-away paper tabletop, what's not to love about the Polichinelle Desk?

Photo Credits: Designboom