The Polar Pillow Will Lull You to Sleep in No Time at All

 - Jun 3, 2011
References: wired & gizmodiva
If you've ever stayed awake for hours on end and flipped your pillow to the cooler side to help yourself fall asleep, the Polar Pillow will do the job for you. Filled with a cooling gel, the pillow will keep your head cool and lull you to sleep.

Using endothermic gel, the Polar Pillow pulls the heat away from your head and spreads it into the air surrounding you. Fitted with a soft fabric, the pillow will be as comfortable as your all time favorite plush but have the power to keep your temperature down. Even better, because the Polar Pillow weighs 5.7 kilos, it can act as a weapon in case you need to fend off any intruders in the middle of the night.

Banish your sleeping troubles with the Polar Pillow and you will never have to complain about not getting enough sleep ever again.