The Pokéball is a DIY Pokémon Tracker for Pokémon Go Players

 - Aug 8, 2016
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Having a Pokémon tracker would be a dream for any avid Pokémon GO player. The concept of the augmented reality game is to capture as many different types of Pokémon by hunting them down via GPS. It's not always easy, so this DIY Pokéball will definitely come in handy. The Pokémon-detecting Pokéball was created by US-based TJ Hunter in an effort to help him avoid battery drainage from constantly leaving the game app on.

Interested game players and tech lovers can find his project on the '' website, where they'll be able to access full instructions. Making the Pokémon tracker device will likely take about five hours to complete and is rated at an intermediate difficulty level. The Pokémon GO craze is barely a month old, but has made a massive impact on businesses and consumers -- this Pokéball invention is one example of that.