'Pocket-Run Pool' is a Sleek Modern Version of Pool for Mobile

 - May 24, 2018
References: itunes.apple & theverge
Pool far outdates mobile games, so clearly the sport has some staying power, but 'Pocket-Run Pool' is one of the first apps to take advantage of the classic game for mobile devices. There are plenty of mobile pool apps, to be sure, but Pocket-Run Pool brings the playable sensibilities of designer Zach Gage into the fold -- with fun results.

Pocket-Run Pool keeps the basic mechanics of billiards in place, with colliding balls rolling around a closed table and into pockets, but the objectives of the game are different. Pocket-Run Pool is a single-player game, so it's designed around scoring points and beating one's own high scores rather than defeating an opponent. The different balls on the table represent point values, and players sink as many as they can to rack up the most points.