This Pocket-Sized Constituion of the United States is Ultra Convenient

 - Feb 11, 2011   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: scoutbooks & belowtheclouds
Scout Books, the makers of customizable pocket-sized notebooks, have designed a pocket-sized edition of the Constitution of the United States. It contains 32 pages, including Preamble, the seven Articles and the twenty-seven Amendments.

The format of this pocket-sized Constitution of the United States makes it very portable and allows you to access your inalienable rights with ease! Scout Books are looking forward to republishing more copyright-free texts in the pocket-sized format.

Implications - As many people frequently partake in one-the-go lifestyles, this goes hand in hand with the common consumer complaint that existing products are too heavy and bulky in their design. Companies that can create streamlined, sleek products will likely find that these products far outsell larger products. Consumers will undeniably appreciate these products that easily fit into fast-paced environments.