This Plywood Door Handle Invites an Intimate Interaction with the User

 - May 29, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Handgrips are fairly standardized in the western world, enabling people to swiftly cross interior and exterior thresholds without much thought about how to open the door. This Plywood Door Handle has been designed in a particularly singular fashion, thus requiring one to think about how it must be approached.

Patrick Lun made this chic architectural accessory from stacking and adhering several tight layers of birch together into a tall but fairly shallow block. Every slice of treated timber that makes up the piece differs slightly from the one it abuts, cut with subtly curving edges that sculpt out a surface to clutch.

The Plywood Door Handle is the sort of object that could take on a range of custom contours, and the elegant element must be exhibited clearly, perhaps in the context of a transparent glass door.