Armida Ascano Discusses the Confident Revolution of Plus-Sized Models

 - Jun 19, 2013
For quite sometime, plus-sized models were only used in fashion photoshoots as examples of some of the alternative body styles that many women sport.

But recently, there has been a widespread insurgence of a newer and more confident representation of plus-sized models in modern day fashion shoots. No longer are these women used as merely an example of other types of beauty, but rather are now standing tall as individuals who carry themselves and their unique body types with the utmost respect.

This list of plus-sized pride editorials goes to show that both the fashion and beauty industry have drastically changed their understanding and depiction of these glamorous plus-sized ladies. Now appearing as the center of focus in mega fashion corporations like H&M’s campaigns, it’s clear that a brighter day has dawned for plus-sized models.