The Pliscia 13 Residence by Pedevilla Architekten is a Modernized Cabin

 - Mar 24, 2014
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At first glance, the Pliscia 13 Residence looks as though it was grown out of the side of the hill is rests on instead of built on it. The way it rises out of the ground provides this fun illusion to the delight of many. Not to mention that the quirky contemporary quality is continued inside the home as well.

Designed by Pedevilla Architekten, the Pliscia 13 Residence is located in a hamlet of Enneberg, Italy. Made out of a majority of wood as well as concrete, it can be likened to a modernized cabin. Considering that the interior boasts a lot of raw timber, unlike the exterior that has been painted black, this comparison is only fair. The staggered Pliscia 13 Residence is a holiday home that rethinks tradition.