Pleni Naturals' Baby Body Wash Features Broccoli, Olives and Apples

 - Mar 7, 2017
References: pleninaturals
Pleni Naturals' baby-safe hair and body wash is made with all-natural and nourishing ingredients like apples, oranges and broccoli. The certified vegan blend is not only cruelty-free and gentle for infants but is also infused with olive oils that are proven to moisturize dry hair and skin.

While Pleni Naturals' baby hair and body wash boasts an apple-based cleanser that boasts no harsh chemical agents, its hydrating ingredients -- broccoli and olive oil -- ensure skin is soft and hair is nourished. Lastly, the product's orange oil and vanilla extract additives are blended to create a refreshing scent.

This organic baby product will appeal to eco-conscious shoppers and is not only good for the environment but also baby-safe. Giving parents peace of mind, this hair and body wash formula can even be used by adults seeking a product that is effective and naturally sourced.