Plate Cooker Heats Dishes Collectively to Separate Settings

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Anyone in the habit of eating leftovers for any meal will appreciate the convenience served up by the Plate Cooker. The compact appliance looks a little bit like a sandwich press, but it contains a compartmentalized element that can heat different sections of its surface for different lengths of time.

This is particularly useful when you've got several types of food that might reach their ideal temperatures in one minute, five minutes or even ten. With Ranhee Chung's invention, you can divide up your rice, your vegetables, your meat and your soup into a container that resembles a bento box. Align the tray correctly within the Plate Cooker and use the digital interface to set different heating times to the individual areas. This will ensure that nothing will be over- or undercooked and everything will be deliciously warm at once for immediate eating.