The Plant Doctor Takes Accurate Readings to Determine Soil and Flora Health

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: yankodesign
Perhaps the tendency for your home-gardened herbage to die on you remains a mystery. No doubt, the Plant Doctor could break down the problem so that you'll never again feel that your absence of a green thumb is to blame.

This beautiful concept device has a transparent display, a white base packed with cutting-edge components and a plated tab of sensors that can be wedged into the dirt in your planter. The appliance can also be held in one hand and used to scan the leaves of your greenery directly.

Detecting mineral content and moisture in the soil, as well as hydration, sun exposure and nutrition of the plant, Du Xubing and Fan Xu's Plant Doctor provides valuable insight that can help you to give your flower exactly what it needs to thrive. The gadget is even eco-friendly, generating its own power from the electrolytes in the earth.