Jet-Fueled Billboards

 - Sep 26, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: cherryflava
Want to make a huge impact? Reach new heights in marketing? What could be better than advertising on an enormous flying billboard? Being able to reach customers all over the world? Advertising on airplanes is being utilized by several global companies, letting them literally soar above their competitors.

"A couple of years ago, SAA painted one of their 747's in hideous colours in an apparent celebration of managing to send an entire Olympic team overseas without loosing their luggage. That plane is probably still lurking around, 'cause it would have been too expensive to repaint the thing. However, in an ongoing strategy to milk more money out of their human trafficking business model, other airlines are selling fuselage space as an advertising canvas."

Implications - The ad industry is constantly seeking new areas to advertise, particularly with the rise of online advertising threatening the power of print ads.