Planetary by Bloom Makes Navigating Your Tunes Visually Stunning

Planetary by Bloom is an all-new app for the iPad 2. By representing your music library through planets, moons and stars, the app pumps up the visual pleasure to audio listening.

Available for free download on the iPad 2, Planetary by Bloom makes exploring your music collection an aesthetic delight. To put it simply, the artists are stars, the tracks are moons and the albums are planets. When listening to tunes, the orbits are set in motion to match your song length. You can also create your own constellation of artists by filtering artists' names by their first character.

Planetary by Bloom definitely makes listening to your music library a visual smorgasbord of delight. All I hope for is that all users have Pink Floyd stored away in their collection. This app will give Dark Side of the Moon a whole new meaning.