The 'Pizza Roulette' Platform Orders Pizza with Randomized Toppings

 - Jan 3, 2018
References: & producthunt
Pizza is fantastic, but ordering pizza can turn into a pain quickly; with the new 'Pizza Roulette' platform, the chore behind pizza orders can be removed altogether — if consumers are willing to leave the specifics of their meal to chance. The goofy website will automatically order Domino's pizzas for delivery to any location without consumers having to bicker over their topping choices. The flipside is that, as its name implies, Pizza Roulette adds some luck into the mix, offering up a completely random selection of toppings every time.

When ordering pizzas, its often difficult to decide on toppings. One person is on a strict paleo diet, another hates mushrooms, and a third absolutely demands anchovies. Rather than undergoing the diplomatic process of crafting the perfect compromise pie, consumers can leave their meal to the pizza gods with the Pizza Roulette platform.