Pittodrie Events is Hosting Corporate Clients for Outdoor Movie Nights

Movies are a universally beloved medium, and Pittodrie Events has capitalized on the space that it offers to provide movies to a typically diverse crowd: coworkers. The Aberdeen football stadium has announced that it will offer corporate clients the chance to rent out the outdoor space and host film screenings as a fun and relaxing team-building experience.

Pittodrie Events' filmic revelation comes after the company hosted Halloween and Christmas screenings to the public in 2016. Those events promptly sold out, leading the event company to the idea of hosting on-demand outdoor screenings for private, corporate clients. The screenings make use of Pittodrie's native LED megascreen in the center of the stadium, and clients have the option to include additions like an outdoor barbecue, themed food to accompany the movie, and (of course) choice of programming.