The Pipe Chair is Designed to be Intellectually Stimulating

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
The Pipe Chair is a conceptual chair designed to mimic the look of a wooden pipe. The chair was created by designer Yaroslav Rassadin. Rassadin designed the chair to let its occupant feel the same sense of intellect that those smoking out of wooden pipes often seem to emanate.

Smoking a pipe may not be the smartest move healthwise, but some of the greatest thinkers -- both from the real world and from the world of fiction -- were smokers. Sherlock Holmes, Mark Twain and Dwight Eisenhower all smoked pipes. The Piper Chair's soft and ergonomic styling is meant to act as a complement to its intellectually stimulating design. Whether or not you believe that smart people smoke, you'd have to admit that the Pipe Chair looks pretty darn comfortable and classy.