This Toronto Coffee Shop Made a Powerful Point Against the Pink Tax

 - Oct 6, 2016
References: girltalkhq
The "Pink Tax" refers to the fact that women are charged more than men for the same goods and services and a Toronto coffee shop pointed this out in a way that is almost jarring.

There is no questioning that inequality among the genders exists on a large scale but there are ways in which it occurs that many people don't realize. There are no federal laws against gendered pricing and the result is that women are charged $2,000 more than men each year for the same products. This amounts to almost $100,000 in a lifetime. A Toronto coffee shop pointed out this inequality by charging women more for their coffee than men and noting their reactions -- causing the user to question why they do not often think about this blatant display of sexism in many industries, but would not accept it in something like coffee shop pricing.

The Pink Tax campaign aims to prevent gendered pricing that charges women more than men for the same things and hopes to do so by making viewers think about their own assumptions in their consumption habits.