The Ping Pong Posters Depict Unorthodox Racquet Materials

 - Apr 4, 2014
References: julieelise &
The most common materials used for table tennis racquets are wood and rubber, yet they are suspiciously missing in the Ping Pong Posters series. That is because the creators behind the poster designs were challenged to rethink that common sports equipment when asked to participate in an exhibit revolving around the theme of ping pong.

The Ping Pong Posters series was the brainchild of graphic designers Sofie Platou and Julie Elise Hauge, both of whom are based in Oslo, Norway. They physically created eight different racquets, each made out of one of the following materials: marble, concrete, foam, glass, mirror and wood. Ok, so one of the traditional materials makes an appearance.

The racquets were then photographed for the Ping Pong Posters series a top artfully arranged colored construction paper.