Pin Art Interactive Storage is a Playful and Modular Shelf Design

 - Feb 14, 2014
Have you ever played with a Ward Fleming-patented Pinscreen? Well, the Pin Art Interactive Storage System is like a giant version of one of those. The toy with which you used to make imprints of your hands and all sorts of assorted knickknacks that piqued your curiosity can be appreciated on an adult scale.

Alexandra Ghioc's storage unit is assembled with a stable metal fame, a perforated wooden board and a collection of evenly arranged metal rods that are fed through the holes and capped with tack heads on both ends. These pins can be pulled and pushed within the panel, protruding or flattening against one side or another. Make your own custom arrangements with the modular Interactive Storage and install everything from TVs, stereos and shelf ledges to elaborate retail displays.