Pillow Adjusts Your Sleep Position

 - Feb 7, 2014
References: hammacher & dailymail
Snoring isn't just bad for the partner sleeping next to you, it's bad for your health as well. While snoring often wakes the snorer, more often than not, she goes on blissfully through dreamland while those in awake land must listen to the sounds of sawing wood.

With this new pillow, the snoring is stopped automatically. A microphone listens for the telltale sounds of snoring. Once detected, the pillow begins inflating, changing the sleeping posture of the sleeper and (hopefully), ending the snoring.

In my experience, head forward positions often lead to more snoring, not less, but if it prompts the person to turn on his side during sleep, that should do the trick (and let anyone else in the bed go on sleeping without having to jab the snorer in the ribs.)