The Torison Seat is Constructed from a Single Bent Piece of Plywood

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: ifworlddesignguide & yankodesign
Offering an unconventional three dimensional chair design is the Torsion seat that is made from a single piece of plywood bent into a mobius shape. The chair features an extremely precise shape that is then bound together using fabric to create a cozy area to lounge in.

The Torsion seat is simultaneously both a work of art and a functional furniture piece built with detailed craftsmanship combined with contemporary design. The seat is made with a piece of plywood that has been bent into a figure eight loop. The bending of the wood is known as torsion, giving the chair it's designer name. The back of the seat is then wrapped in thin layers of material that are weaved to create a comfortable seat.