The Pick Up Whiteboard Marker is Ideal for Grasping, Attaching and Storing

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: tuvie
There are plenty of valid arguments for the manufacturing of cylindrical writing implements, but the Pick Up Whiteboard Marker bashes nearly every last one. It begins with the inability to roll off of tables and ledges and ends with a beveled tip for a clever means of arrangement.

A triangular cross section may actually offer a more comfortable grip for most users, and this novel shape is beneficial for at least two other reasons. It keeps the item steady when it's set down on a tilted surface and it enables a more compact style of storage.

The slanted cap of these dry-erase pens is magnetized, allowing the Pick Up Whiteboard Marker to be snapped directly to the drawing panel at a conveniently graspable angle. This feature also aids in pinning paper documents in place.