This Piano Project Transformed an Old Piano into a Functioning Workbench

 - May 30, 2013
References: core77 & designtaxi
If a piano is sitting in your home with no one to use its keys and turn it into a functioning musical instrument this DIY piano project might be the perfect way to give that piano a new purpose.

Instructables user phish814 created a way to transform upright pianos into functioning workbenches. His steps are posted online making it easy for anyone create these unique toolboxes. The process is fairly simple; the piano's strings need to be removed along with the keys. Once those are removed, the piano is basically a large box that can house any number of things, from tools to magazines.

This piano project is an alternative to sending a beautiful instrument to a junkyard. Even if the instrument is no longer played with, this DIY project will still be functional and make for a beautiful addition to any living space.