Yoshiki Performs Against Himself at SXSW 2014

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: youtube & psfk
Performing against himself onstage, Yoshiki took part in one of the most memorable piano duels of all time at the SXSW 2014 event.

The duel started out with Yoshiki appearing as a holographic version of himself onstage, introducing the performance then sitting down at the piano and playing. Soon after, the real Yoshiki entered, and so began one of the most epic piano duels ever recorded. The amazing part was the entire performance was not just reflected by the hologram, but the two worked in tandem with each other, responding to each other's cadences and crescendos. Yoshiko usually goes with a heavier musical style, but with this one he chose to flex his classical piano training, and for good reason: he's one of the most skilled piano players of this decade.