Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas Create the Functional Pi Bike

 - Mar 16, 2018
References: tadasmaksimovas & design-milk
In celebration of Pi Day on March 14, which also coincidentally happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday, Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas have designed the completely functional Pi Bike. The fixed gear bicycle is constructed from a hard crafted carbon fiber frame made in the shape of the π symbol. The two designers were inspired by a drawing of a pi bike by Tang Yau Hoong, a Malaysian artist. Kooman and Makismovas took action to the drawing-initiated thought and began their year long construction of the completed Pi Bike.

The two began by sketching out the structured frame of the bike, and altering and testing it at a variety of scales with a range of materials before actually settling on the size and frame of the shape. Molds were cast in order to craft the frame out of resin to were then sanded down before the completed Pi Bike was assembled.