Daniela Edburg Takes Explosive Photos for her 'Time to Kill' Series

 - Jul 28, 2009
References: danielaedburg.net
Daniela Edburg takes spectacular shots and photoshops explosions in for her collection entitled, “Time to Kill.” The Houston, Texas native studied Visual Arts in the National University of San Carlos Academy in Mexico City. I don't know about you, but if this is what they're teaching there, sign me up!

Daniela Edburg's awe-inspiring photo series shows bombs in the most unlikely places. Check it out in the gallery above!


Youth consumers have an affinity for juxtaposition and ironic contrast. This photo series explores the contrast between the refined daintiness of little girls playing and a bomb going off in the background. Companies can bring this customer's into a conversation with their brand by creating ads that are buit around contrast.