The Digital Tattoo is Wearable Technology Acting as a Phone Unlock System

 - Jul 23, 2014
References: vivalnk & techcrunch
This advanced phone unlock system hopes to increase mobile phone security while making it more efficient for you to access your smartphone. The digital tattoo from VivaLnk and Motorola is an adhesive wearable you tap your phone against to unlock.

The comfortable stick-on temporary tattoo can we worn for up to five days, even underwater and during physical activity. One objective is to cut down the time it takes people to access their phones. The average person unlocks their smartphone 39 times a day, taking 2.3 seconds to type in their PIN every time. This phone unlock technology also makes your phone more secure if you don't have a password on it at all.

The simple tapping motion is extremely easy to use and less bulky than other wearables too.