Phone Story Guides Players Through the Conditions of Slave Wage Workers

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: indiegames & gamepolitics
Phone Story, an iPhone app that consists of several mini-games, kicked up a controversial stir this past week and was subsequently removed from Apple's software market without much explanation. What could have happened?

Developed by MolleIndustria -- most known for its popular flash game 'Every Day the Same Dream' -- Phone Story essentially guides players through the production process of modern smartphones. The entire operation begins with miners extracting rare metals in war-torn Congo, moves onto outsourced labor in China, and then continues on to clearing waste in Pakistan. The game finally ends at a Best Buy, where eager Western consumers pick up the smartphone at inflated costs, pouring money into the coffers of huge tech corporations.

Needless to say, Apple doesn't want people to know about the social and economic externalities caused by its products -- the company would much prefer that you assume iPhones were developed in green, sustainable and humane conditions. It's a shame, because MolleIndustria intended to forward all its earnings to charities.