Philippe Lesprit Takes Photographs of Subjects in Dark Surroundings

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: philippelesprit & illusion.scene360
Getting the perfect lighting is of utmost importance in photography, but Philippe Lesprit tries to challenge that in this peculiar series of portraits, shot in near darkness. The subjects’ surroundings are almost pitch black, which creates a simultaneously calming and unsettling atmosphere. Lesprit’s models then seemingly come out of nowhere to catch any faint hints of light in order to reveal themselves. Viewers have to strain their eyes a bit in order to make out each figure, but they’re still beautifully represented in this enigmatic collection.

It should be noted that Philippe Lesprit’s dim lighting does not equate to poor lighting. Whatever he’s using as a light source, he's still positioning it in a manner which creates the best angles on his models. The contrast between shadows and the reflected light make the visuals pop right off the screen.