Phil Seaton Designs a Tool to Create Your Own Personalized Feathers

 - Mar 23, 2011
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Program designer Phil Seaton has designed a unique program with the help of Open Processing which creates personalized feathers. Open Processing is a website created for sharing processing sketches with fellow programmers, helping those of the community polish up their programming skills.

Phil Seaton designed The Online Feather Generator to help himself and others understand the science of the lightweight, insulative, watertight, durable, flight-giving skin we call wings.

There are several hundred species of avian creatures out there and with this awesome online tool, you can replicate almost any sort of wing found on birds today. Clicking to the left within this program will develop a more streamlined feather, while clicking to the right develops fluffier ones. In the end, you can compare the different feathers you have created in the gallery.