The Electric Peugeot 'Leonin' Roars For €18,000

 - Apr 9, 2009
Tudoran Liviu designed the eco-friendly future of Peugeot with the stunning Leonin, a smooth city electric car that has more to show than its classy looks.

The gifted car derives its name straight from the powerful Peugeot lion logo and truly honors it, too. Its rear-mounted electric engine, which is powered by a battery unit under the front hood, grants the elegant Leonin a top speed of about 160 km/h and a range of around 500km, which sounds exceptional for a city electric car.

The car’s body is made of aluminium composite, hard plastic and carbon fiber, offering superior safety to its active occupants. The eco-friendly car boasts a stunning, smooth design highlighted by a magnificent sky roof and striking reverse-opening slash doors. Added to its high tech character is an LCD screen in the main console that displays video captured by a rear-mounted hi-resolution camera, replacing the rear-view mirror.

Still, Peugeot has yet another ace up their sleeve; once it hits mass production, the awe-inspiring Leonin will bear a nifty price tag between €18,000 and €25,000, depending on the level of equipment.