Pettom's Large Backyard Pool Helps Pets to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

 - May 18, 2017
References: amazon
In hotter climates, it's vital to ensure that pets don't overheat while they're outside, and because of this, backyard pools like the ones created by Pettom are popular accessories.

Made from PVC material, Pettom's pools for dogs (and rare water-loving cats) are durable and quick to set up -- making them great for rowdy pets whose sharp nails might dig into it a little while they move around. To suit the needs of differently sized pets, the pools can be purchased in varying measurements so that no unnecessary water and space is used up.

Near the bottom, there's a secure drain that allows the pools to be quickly drained as well -- which makes them easy to refill with clean water, or take down to be stored away when needed. In addition, the pools can be folded flat and packed along to wherever pets might need them.