Does Your Pooch Pray?

 - Dec 15, 2006
References: jenniferkaufman
Did Brutus eat the neighbor's cat and now seeks redemption? You might want to consider the Pet Prayer Collar Capsule. "Each capsule comes with a prayer scroll that you insert in the capsule. The prayer scroll reads "O GOD, please help me be a good and loyal pet, even when I have to go to the vet. Never let me out of my owners sight, making sure I don't get lost, safely home each night. Show me how to be a buddy even when my paws are muddy. Don't allow me to munch postal carriers for lunch. Please keep me nice and healthy always having a full belly. Shield my neighbor's cat from view, guide my footsteps around the doo doo. Train me not to howl and bark even at other dogs in the park. Give me patience without end, help me be "Man's best friend".