Pet Food Stamps Ensures Owners Can Keep Them During Economic Hardships

 - May 3, 2013
References: & neatorama
During times of economic hardships, people are often provided with help to keep them on their feet, often in the form of food stamps and soup kitchens; Pet Food Stamps addresses an often overlooked species when it comes to these desperate times. It is a non-profit organization that aims to help those already on government assistance to get free pet food.

Founded by entrepreneur Marc Okon, Pet Food Stamps ensures that Americans don't have to abandon their precious pets when suffering financially. Funded by the generosity of contributors and patrons, Pet Food Stamps works in collaboration with New York-based Pet Flow, a pet food delivery company.

Okon reveals, "I just heard from a lady in North Carolina who has an autistic son whose only companion is a Jack Russell Terrier. It's cookie-cutter sadness. Little details change but the gist of each story is the same."